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When issues on bad debts, mental illness and so on occur, thousands of people disappear and become wanted by their lenders, family or government. Skip tracing service is an effective plan employed to track down such people. Another important reason for skip tracing includes debt recovery, family maintenance, owing child support, paternal DNA testing and so on. 

We provide detailed reports on the individual’s phone numbers, address, place of work, and other information requested by the client.

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Temecula Skip Tracing

Why Us TASC Skip Tracing

We extract Information such as telephone number databases, and other vital details of the offender to track them down.

Following the right spots could help one to capture information of the offender. These information are essential and could guarantee an effective skip trace.

In skip tracing, it is confirmed that many people who owe, and refused to pay, often realize that what they did is not right and would do anything to disappear from being found by their creditors as well as the public to the point of changing their residence and even their phone numbers.  In any case, with enough information, adequate examination, investigation, and determination, just about anybody could be found and that is the place a skip tracer comes in.

Why Use Skip Tracing?

Are you prepared to take your claim to court?

A lot of skip tracing is understanding where and how to gather relevant information. Skip tracers will often conduct interviews with people who are close to their subject and engage in surveillance. They will also use the internet, searching for a subject’s online presence as well as using skip tracing software and extensive subscription-based databases not available to the general public.

This list shows the type of information a skip tracer provides:

  • Driver’s license/vehicle registration and title
  • Credit reports
  • Payroll systems with direct deposit pay stub
  • Credit card applications
  • Loan applications
  • Job applications
  • Phone number databases
  • Utility bills
  • Flight records
  • Department store/customer loyalty card
  • Consumer fraud
  • Public tax information
  • Public records databases
  • Criminal background checks
  • Courthouse records
  • No known heirs estate
  • People who are key witnesses in a lawsuit
  • Person who owes debt
  • Defendant’s absence

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