Established in 2004

Southern California, Northern California, Nationwide and Worldwide

For Service of Process





  • Small Claims Order to Appear
  • Summons/Complaint
  • Subpoena for Records (Duces Tecum)
  • Subpoena for Personal Appearance
  • Order to Appear for Examination
  • Writ of Execution/Attachment
  • Unlawful Detainers
  • Eviction Notices/3, 30, 60 Days


  • Summons/Petitions
  • Custody/Mediation Orders
  • Notice of Hearings
  • Order to Show Cause
  • Temporary Restraining Orders (TRO)


  • Riverside County
  • San Diego County
  • San Bernardino County
  • North and South Orange County
  • Los Angeles County
  • Imperial County
  • Nationwide/Worldwide Services Available


  • Courier/Messenger Service
  • Filing Documents at the Court
  • Recording Documents at County Recorder
  • Mobile Notary Service
  • Defendant Location Services/Skip Tracing
  • Stakeouts
  • Research
avi cohen
avi cohen
22:23 08 Jul 19
The staff are great. They are always punctual on my 3 day notices. Highly recommend. Abe Coontywide Home Loan So CA Inc.
Sarah H
Sarah H
16:44 26 Jun 19
I can't sing Roy's praises enough! We went through a bigger corporate company twice to get 2 subjects served. They took 20 days to serve with lots of excuses which forced issues in the hearing. I found Temecula Attorney Services Company online and called. Spoke with Roy directly on the first call. He took my call very serious and let me know he would do his best to serve the subjects quickly. Boy did he deliver! What took the other company over 20 days took Roy under 12 hours to accomplish. I will be using no other company than Temecula Attorney Services Company for any further service issues in Riverside County. THANKS ROY!
Beatriz Caballero
Beatriz Caballero
03:28 21 May 19
I am extremely satisfied with Mr. Roy Blacks services! I contacted him for assistance in serving a person who has been very difficult to serve. I emailed Mr. Black on Saturday, May 18, sent the paperwork via email and got notification that the service had been made successfully by Monday, May 20 @ 630pm!
Tina Talbot
Tina Talbot
17:23 09 May 19
These guys are amazing! They will get the job DONE.
Judy Cardenas
Judy Cardenas
18:55 03 May 19
Excellent service. Very professional and knowledgeable. Roy responded us promptly, and he was very helpful and efficient in getting us information here in Arkansas. I am glad to know we can count on such a professional assistance for our future needs in California. I recommend TASC.
Sue Gurev
Sue Gurev
17:05 16 Apr 19
Very honest and professional. Had unique circumstances for service of process that many other companies refused to attempt. Worked within the circumstances to get the job done. We will definitely call them FIRST next time. Thanks for a job well done!
18:10 07 Mar 19
Roy and his Staff are very knowledgeable and professional! Each email or call or text sent was responded to expeditiously and professionally and the entire experience was absolutely painless! I would recommend TASC to anyone dealing with a legal process. Thanks TASC!
Adriana Alvira
Adriana Alvira
20:37 16 Nov 18
So very grateful for Roy! I was at a complete loss about the entire process, but he remained patient and diligent with me. Given the stressful circumstances, Roy has been a godsend. I highly recommend this company to any and everyone! Thanks again 🙂
Eddie Operini
Eddie Operini
17:59 15 Oct 18
I am an attorney but I don't practice in the Temecula Area. However, whenever I have a service in that Area, I use him. So far, he has done what is needed and got the person served. I will continue to use him. Edward G. Operini
Marshall Fields
Marshall Fields
22:45 05 Sep 18
I would recommend Roy and the TASC force to anyone needing service-services. Went above and beyond on the job and knew no meaning of "traditional business hours", which i very much appreciated.
22:45 18 Aug 18
Having worked with many attorney service individuals in my career, I would not hesitate to highly recommend Roy to anyone. Roy’s professionalism and knowledge of the law regarding his work is exceptional, and that last skill – proficiency in the application of law regarding the service of legal documents – can be critically important in litigation. Sometimes things do not go smoothly regarding serving a person or entity with a legal document, and when that happens, it is best to have a highly motivated, knowledgeable, and diligent person to advance that goal. I have no doubt that Roy will execute his clients’ needs and get the job done in the most effective and timely manner.
Desteny Johnson
Desteny Johnson
20:29 09 Aug 18
I have done my fair share of hiring process servers. Finding a process server who is reliable, efficient and responsive is worth my pay check! Roy was extremely helpful, he caught a mistake prior to serving, saving our firm money and time on wasted attempts. Highly highly recommend.
Wenduo Guo
Wenduo Guo
23:22 12 Jul 18
5 days they just tried once, although I have reminded them many times. It is once--- not unacceptable but not working diligently like described. What truly disappoint me is that the email reply tried to blame everything to me. After I answered, no more reply from this company. Cutting off email communication alone is worth two stars deduct.
Garrett Johnsen
Garrett Johnsen
20:22 16 Mar 16
I called Temecula Attorney Services Company for help with a recent small clams case I won. Although they could not legally help with exactly what I needed, the receptionist, Kimi, was extremely helpful, friendly, and professional. When I called, she said was not entirely sure what they could do to assist me, but she informed me that she would contact her boss and give me a call back. Kimi got back to me promptly and let me know that they could not help with my specific situation but she helped point me in the right direction for what I needed. I always appreciate when businesses go above and behind to help someone out, even when they are not able to get my business directly. Thanks again Kimi, you are fantastic!
Arnold Wuhrman
Arnold Wuhrman
14:33 18 Jul 14
As a lawyer of nearly 30 years, I am often involved in lawsuits. Surprisingly, winning a lawsuit is often NOT the hardest part; getting the person I'm suing served with papers is! People hide out in their houses, duck out at all hours of the night, and even cover their windows with paper when they're trying to avoid being served. I have used TASC several times now, and I am exceedingly impressed both at their relentless pursuit of their targets and their professional paperwork (completely ready for me to file with the Court) once the job is done. I am pleased to recommend TASC absolutely without qualification.
John Riedl
John Riedl
18:06 12 Dec 12
Roy was great. I paid yesterday and it was delivered yesterday. Very helpful and communicated with me every step of the way. I would definitely use again!!!
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We excel in serving those emotionally volatile Family Law serves like Temporary Restraining Orders and Orders to Show Cause documents. Because of our professional manner and traning, we can keep emotions from escalating unneecessarily upon services.

Do you have a party that is hiding? Not to worry, at TASC we use state of the art technology (and a bit of old-fashioned shoe leather) to find those that think the can hide. If it’s possible…we’ll find them.

Got someone who won’t open the door for service? We are masters at stakeouts! We’ve caught many unsuspecting (and even those who suspect) coming and going from their house after they’ve already avoided the attempts of other process servers.

We take it personally and it becomes a personal challenge when someone tries to hide from us. One way or the other, we will get the documents in the right hands.

Roy G. Black, CCPS – Owner
California Registered Process Server

Phone: 951 676-1300 Fax: 951-696-5440

27315 Jefferson Ave, Ste J-37
Temecula CA 92590

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Garrett J.
Garrett J.
2016-03-16 13:23:11
I called Temecula Attorney Services Company for help with a recent small clams case I won. Although they could not legally help with exactly what I needed,...
Rob M.
Rob M.
2016-03-04 17:22:01
I was able to work with Kimi, the Operations Manager. She was patient and helpful and actually was able to perform the deliveries to both the lawyer and...
Jill B.
Jill B.
2016-01-26 11:12:45
Great service. I gave them two subpoenas to serve asap and they got them done. They are courteous, knowledgeable and prices are reasonable. I will not...

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