Services and Fee Schedule

Giving you an accurate price for a job is difficult due to the fact that each job is different depending on circumstances. For an accurate quote please click on  the ORDER FORM tab and fill out the form, attach the documents for service and submit it to us. We will review your job and then email you an invoice that will accurately reflect the fee for your job. Below you will find the general rules in which we develop the fees for a job. The above listed pricing are “ball park” numbers and are about 85-95% accurate. Meaning without too many variables, chances are that the fees charged will be as listed above. The following information is our effort to be as transparent as possible so that there are no surprises.

Some of the variables that effect pricing are whether or not a job is considered ROUTINE, does the job require PERSONAL SERVICE ONLY or can the job be SUBSTITUTE SERVED. Other things that factor into a job cost is the SERVICE ADDRESS. Is the SERVICE ADDRESS located in a Metropolitan area or is it located in a Rural area. The difficulty in accessing the SERVICE ADDRESS  has to be taken into account. Some of the difficulties in accessing the SERVICE ADDRESS can be things like fences and gates. Gated Communities without Guard Shacks. Properties with fencing, gates or dogs making it unsafe for someone to access. How quickly do you need the job done can also effect the pricing.


ROUTINE: First attempt made within the first 48 hours after receiving documents/payment. Then morning, noon and night attempts within 7 calendar days. If you need the job completed faster than this, there is an additional “RUSH FEE“.

ROUTINE jobs the attempts are made at our discretion within the guidelines mentioned above.  The SERVICE ADDRESS is located in a Metropolitan area and the property is not fenced and gated or located in a gated community without a guard shack. A job that starts ROUTINE may end up losing ROUTINE status if it is determined that the defendant is avoiding service. Once we have determined that the job is not ROUTINE, we will contact you and discuss other service options.

STANDARD SERVICE: Is any document that, after required diligence, can be SUBSTITUTE SERVED. A list of these type of documents is provided below.

  • Plaintiff’s Claim and Order to Go to Small Claims Court (SC-100)
  • Civil Summons/Complaint
  • Notice to Pay or Quit
  • Summons/Petition (Family Law) (Although recommend personal service due to inherent Restraining Order)
  • Unlawful Detainer

PERSONAL SERVICE: Is any document that requires PERSONAL SERVICE ONLY. A list of these type of documents is provided below.

  • Subpoenas
  • Order to Appear for Examination
  • Temporary Restraining Orders
  • Notice of Hearing

RUSH FEE: Is added to any job that needs to be completed quicker than within the parameters of ROUTINE service. For instance you need the first attempt made on the same day as we receive the documents for service.

ATTEMPTS: I’m sure you’re wondering about how many attempts does the fee include. A lot companies limit their attempts to 3, then they charge you an additional fee to continue. Beware of these companies, because they typically have a very low price for service, but they get you on the back side when they make attempts that don’t make sense then say, we made our 3 attempts, pay us more if you want us to continue. At TASC, we don’t have any limits on attempts, however, we can typically determine by the 3rd attempt if the job is going to remain ROUTINE or not. Again, after making attempts we are able to determine some of the following:

  • Defendant is avoiding Service
  • Service Address is fenced and gated making access unsafe
  • Service Address is within a gated community and we do not have a gate code or a Guard Shack
  • Service Address is in an extremely Rural Area

HOURLY RATES: Include drive time to and from the service location including time for preparing Proofs of Service and/or Affidavits/Declarations.


If The Services You Need Are Not Listed Call for Additional Pricing.
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