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Documents are notarized to deter fraud and to ensure proper execution. It is the responsibility of the notary public to ensure that the signers have appeared before them and have produced proper identification. The Notary Public officiates at the signing and insures that the documents are signed correctly.

Public Notary

What does It mean to have a document notarized?

It’s essential that everyone trusts the authenticity of legal documents. … Notary publics witness the signing of important documents and verify the identity of the signer(s), their willingness to sign the documents, and their awareness of the contents of the document or transaction.

Some Examples Of When We Are Hired.

The purpose is to assure that the person appearing before the notary, whose name appears on the document, is in fact, that person, and no other.

There are many legally binding documents, such as deeds, titles, licenses, contracts, trusts, wills, etc. that require witnessing. The Notary Public is a sworn public servant that performs that function.

In addition, the notary public may administer sworn oaths/affirmations for affidavits used by banks, mortgagers, courts or other jurisdictional bodies to document facts or statements by parties involved.

TASC may be hired by individuals, banks, title companies, trustees, to come to various locations when all parties find it difficult to appear together. Using a notary public assures that a neutral state official is present to witness and document the signing and potentially prevent fraudulent signing of important documents.

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