The Value of Our Services

We excel in serving those emotionally volatile Family Law serves like Temporary Restraining Orders and Orders to Show Cause documents. Because of our professional manner and traning, we can keep emotions from escalating unneecessarily upon services.

Do you have a party that is hiding? Not to worry, at TASC we use state of the art technology (and a bit of old-fashioned shoe leather) to find those that think they can hide.  And the person tracing If it’s possible…we’ll find them.

Got someone who won’t open the door for service? We are masters at stakeouts! We’ve caught many unsuspecting (and even those who suspect) coming and going from their house after they’ve already avoided the attempts of other process servers.

We take it personally and it becomes a personal challenge when someone tries to hide from us. One way or the other, we will get the documents in the right hands.

Roy G. Black, CCPS – Owner
California Registered Process Server

6 five star yelp reviews

Why to trust TASC?

Six 5 STAR yelp reviews

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Services & Solutions

Temecula Attorney Services Small Claims

Process Serving

We can serve your documents throughout the State of California. After 20 years in business, we have developed a network of vetted, bonded process servers throughout the nation so we can also get your documents served Nationwide.

Temecula Attorney Services

Skip Tracing

We offer skip trace and locate service in two levels, basic and more intensive Private Investigator searches.

Temecula Attorney Services

Notary Public

Temecula Attorney Services

Civil Law Matters

  • Summons/Complaint
  • Subpoena for Records (Duces Tecum)
  • Subpoena for Personal Appearance
  • Order to Appear for Examination
  • Writ of Execution/Attachment
Temecula Attorney Services

Civil Appeals

  • Summons/Petitions
  • Custody/Mediation Orders
  • Notice of Hearings
  • Order to Show Cause
  • Temporary Restraining Orders (TRO)
Temecula Attorney Services

Unlawful Detainers/Evictions

  • Unlawful Detainers
  • Eviction Notices/3, 30, 60 Days

Client Testimonials

I can always depend on Roy and his staff to effect service promptly and properly. Who can ask for anything more? Oh yes, they are also most courteous and respectful to boot.

Robert Merring
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